Fashion is unpredictable and changes rapidly.  Within no time your fashion accessories like bags, shoes and furniture are all outdated.  To keep up with the latest trends you need to be regularly updated.  One of the only trend that repeats from time to time and is never out of fashion is animal skin prints.

Animal skin prints can be found on everything, be it clothes, bags, purses, shoes, bed sheets, furniture, and much more. Animal skins can be added in many forms as they come in many shapes and designs that match your décor and add a focal point to your living space.  For all those stylish people who love to be trendy the animal print is the new mantra and fashion statement.

Washington D.C. Interior Designer Ebonee Bachman of Moonlight Interiors suggests that one should be bold enough to try animal skin patterns like leopard, zebra, cow, snake, or crocodile prints.  Just name it- the options never seem to cease.  As the animal skin print is in vogue, you can experiment with it in interior design by adding it to furniture, rugs, wall art, or mirrors.  Animal skin prints in your interior designs add a bit of excitement and the adventure that you have been craving for.

A zebra print rug under the table or just to cover the floor looks enticing and adds warmth to any room.  A leopard skin print chair or a zebra print table in your dining room creates a wonderful visual treat.  But remember never to use any other strong patterns that would divert the attention from the animal print.  Animal prints create a classic look on your walls in the form of wall art or mirror frames.  If you are bold enough then you can try animal print bedding to spice up your bedroom or you can just add animal print pillows or sheets with a neutral color to give it a soft look.  If you tend to be creative then you can also try animal print on wall coverings.  Animal print tiles are fun and looks fabulous in your bathroom.  You can also mix and match prints on walls, counter tops, and basins.  

Your interior designer can lend a helping hand in selection of the best suitable animal skin print that would enhance the décor of your living space.  The next time you intend to redecorate or add new furniture then go wild with those glamorous and exotic animal skin prints that would make your home elegant and fashionable.
The dining room can be the most appealing room, however they are often ignored, as many assume that adding a table and chairs, a few accessories to go with it and the dining room is all that is needed.  They believe that they are the most simple to decorate and furnish.  This just isn’t true.

While you may think that your dining room is all organized, there is a lot more to it, according to  Pasadena interior designer Debbie Talianko.  It needs constructive planning and creativity to make your guests feel welcomed, cozy and comfortable, as well as to plan for your convenience too.  Dining room designers aim to create beautiful, elegant and comfortable ambiance for you, your family, and your guests.  Dining room designers achieve your dream dining room by guiding you through the right selection of furnishings and accessories such as lighting fixtures, window coverings, rugs and other décor that enhances the beauty of your dining room.

Good lighting and nice colors for the walls has a positive affect on appetites.  Pleasant light shades makes food more appealing.  Extra care should be taken with colors as they tend to change under artificial light at night making your food look less attractive thereby decreasing appetites.  Fresh plants by the side of the window, fresh flowers on your dining table, a chandelier with a dimmer switch that fits your dining table, and a couple of hanging lights adds to the beauty of your dining room.

A lot of thought goes into the selection of chairs and table, as the size of your dining room has to be kept in mind.  Too big of a table can make your dining room look smaller, so the size and shape of the table has to be considered before purchasing it.  If the dining room is large, a rectangular or square dining table with six or eight chairs is often preferred.  And if the dining room is smaller, then a round or oval table that acts as a space saver can be used.  Chairs should be chosen wisely bearing in mind the available space in order to have enough legroom. You can always pick from antique inspired dining chairs, leather dining chairs for that sophisticated look, or upholstered slipper chairs that go well with the color of your walls, wood and the décor of your dining room.  If you are among those who like to entertain frequently then it is advisable to consider expandable table and side boards.  Also nowadays it is fashionable to use your storage cabinets, chest, or mirror back sideboards with dishware or silverware right in the dining room as a decorative element that you will be proud to show off.

Now it is up to you to decide how you wish to decorate your dining room interiors whether as  a modern dining room, contemporary, formal or country style.   Whatever your theme may be, you should always see to it that the window fittings, accessories like your favorite china, wall hanging, or hanging lights and furnishings, all complement your style of decor chosen for your dining room.  You are only a few steps away from your creative dining room reflecting your personality with just a little help and guidance from your interior designer.  This applies to hotel interior design, including this Midway Airport Hotel.