Houzz has recently become the hottest Interior Design website.  It is part search engine, part directory database, part review site, and part social media framework.  Ambitiously covering so much ground it succeeds in what it promises and offers homeowners and commercial buyers an extraordinary environment to discover the designer that best fits their needs.

The above image is the Houzz page of noted Bucks County and Philadelphia interior designer Donna Hoffman.  What you can see is that it shows her latest projects, reviews, and information on her services.  It is like a personal website, yet it is integrated into a larger web of relationships.

Let's say you are searching for a Washington D.C. Interior Designer in Google.  Likely you will come across a Houzz page.  Houzz then directs you to their listings of DC Interior Designers.  It is like having search engine results showing in search engine results, yet this time the results are tied to their database and not the world wide web.

The same applies in Canada, in case you are north of the border.  If you explore Toronto or Southern Ontario interior designers you'll come across the Oakville Designer Joanne Jakab.  Like other designers in her area, she maintains a Houzz presence to showcase her work and connect with the design community.

If you happen to wonder why some designers appear higher in the Houzz rankings it is not because they are better, per se.  The placement is made based upon what is an elaborate mathematical formula, an algorithm, which gives certain preferences to different metrics related to the portfolio such as how much others like it by adding it to their Ideabooks and how responsive the designer is to questions about their work.  

Wishing you luck in finding your perfect match on Houzz so that your home will become your sanctuary and a fantastic place for entertaining!

                                                                                                            Photo source: Joanne Jakab Interior Design 

Choosing colors can be a daunting task and an overwhelming experience, with so many infinite options to choose from, it surely can get on your nerves.  Careful consideration and right choice of color for your home can create a lasting impression and add value to your home.

There are so many points that need to be taken care of before you start choosing colors for your home.  Furniture is the most integral part and focal point of any home, so when you start thinking about painting then the first point you need to consider is the furniture.  Choose color that complements and highlights your furniture, it is best to choose colors wisely to begin with rather than later having to change your furniture set which could turn out to be a costly affair.

Light plays a explicit role in the selection of colors, colors look different during day and night, the color that looks cool and bright during natural light may look pale and dull under artificial lighting.  So it is always a good option to check your colors under different lighting.

Better invest a little on sample colors of your choice and check it on any of your large walls before you start painting the whole room- the painted color looks completely different and darker than your sample strip.  You can go for lighter shades or choose a completely different one, and you would be happy you tested before painting your room.  This wise practice can save you from wasted time and money.

Finishing also needs to be considered, there are a variety to choose from like flat, glossy, satin, and others.  Flat finish can look great but is hard to maintain, satin finish is much easier to clean and glossy finish looks trendy and reflects light, most suitable for kitchen and bathroom.

According to a noted Interior Designer, play with colors, experiment with one or more color, try contrasting colors, or a single color with different finishes for wall and trims or try painting wall colors with a complimentary trim color, the options are endless, you just need to get bold and give it a go.

The Interior Designer also recommends that you take note of all the existing furnishings, fabric or area rugs before deciding on the colors for your wall, the wall color should complement the other accessories and interior design of your home.

Color transforms the interior design appearance of any home, to choose the right color and the effect of the colors for your home, you can get guidance from a professional interior designer. Your designer will be experienced and know about the perfect choice of colors for your sweet home.