You have a wonderful house, the best art, the most elegant furniture, stunning color combinations and beautiful décor that you are proud of, yet you find something lacking, something is missing and making your décor seem rather dull and unwelcoming, when you try to analyze the problem you find out your lighting is not perfect.

Lighting enhances the beauty of your interior design and highlights your accessories creating the mood you want.  Proper lighting for each room is necessary in order to make your rooms feel welcoming and have a great ambiance.  You need a variety of lighting depending on the room, it’s size, the tasks performed or to highlight special features, like background lighting, accent lighting, task lighting or wall lighting.

Lighting schemes are to be planned keeping in mind the interior design of the room, the placements of furniture, and the usage of the room whether to entertain or relax or study, the décor of the room and the natural light it receives, accordingly lighting should be done.  If a room has bad lighting it feels unwelcoming.  Installing floor sockets should be done before you start decorating your room.

There are varieties of lighting fixtures and you can always find the right ones that suit and enhance the beauty of your home.  Lightings can be selected according to the tasks it performs like ceiling lights that fill your room with ambient light.  Wall lights can be used for large expanses or to highlight your favorite wall art.  Floor lamps to brighten up your room and add lighting to your otherwise darker areas of your room.  Desk lamps or task lighting to provide the ample lighting needed for the task to be performed like studying.  Table lamps, outdoor lighting, recessed lighting and the list go on.

Lightings comes in all shapes and sizes, lighting not only illuminates your home but can also be used as décor and sometimes with the right decorative lighting fixture as the focal point of your room.  Lighting affects color, so lighting should be carefully selected in order to make your room color appear natural and not tinted or if you have already invested on the lighting fixtures, then better try to take the color decision wisely.  Your interior designer can help in the process of selecting the right lighting fixtures and colors for your home.

Sarah Meloney
05/04/2015 7:00pm

I think that it's extremely important to try out the colors you want, whether it be interior or exterior, in it's actual environment. You touch greatly on that point. I agree with you 100% - I found some more great info on lighting effects here http://www.marltonpainter.com/house-painting/light-affects-paint-color/


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