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For over 16 years the Interior Design Directory has been an influential force in the world of interior design marketing. This formidable directory has been featuring the industry’s greatest talents and sharing their work with the world.

The Interior Design Directory, often casually referred to as IDD reflecting their domain name i-d-d.com, offers state specific listings.  Unlike some newer directories that are list everyone under the sun and list designers like popularity contests to keep them chasing the carrot of exposure, IDD is a dignified and sophisticated medium for top designers to showcase their work to a very discerning clientele.  

Most design schools and influential voices in the design community reference IDD on their sites, and thus IDD has become a breeding ground for TV personalities.  When producers and journalists look for reputable and esteemed designers, IDD is the site they turn to.  It is like shopping at Nordstroms as opposed to Marshalls.  The quantity is lower, the quality is higher- exactly what journalists and discerning clients demand.

What interests me in IDD is how their designer profiles are such powerful sales tools.  For example, Miami, Florida interior designer Dawn Causa is now being featured on IDD and her online visibility and traffic has increased because of it.  On the other coast, Pasadena interior designer Debbie Talianko is listed on the directory in their Southern California section, and her work is showcased to an entirely new audience.  

Sometimes the Interior Design Directory is already in a dominating position, such as for New York interior designers, where it features many notable and published designer including the extraordinary Betty Wasserman.  Yet, in other markets, such as in Philadelphia, the Interior Design Directory is not as high in search results yet still gets top traffic from its reputation and its extraordinary referral network, all to the benefit of award winning interior designer Donna Hoffman.

As a trusted name in the promotion of interior designers IDD is not just serving the design community, it is serving clients in locating the top tier designers worthy of hiring.  For all of the above reasons I fully encourage design clients to refer to IDD as a uniquely suited directory of top designers.  For designers, I endorse getting in contact with the fun, personable woman who runs IDD and seeing how she can help you meet your marketing needs.  She is a lot of fun, and she knows her business well.  People like her make my life more fun and easy as I pursue the perfect designs, designers, and design tips.

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