After a hectic day your body and mind needs peace and relaxation, which better place for relaxation than your bedroom?  Your master bedroom is the only personal place where you can relax and rejuvenate your body and if your master bedroom itself is shabby and unwelcoming, how would your mind relax?

Master bedroom ambiance should be inviting and soothing at the same time.  Interior design of the master bedroom should be relaxing with pleasing colors, comfortable bed and bedding, good lighting, well co-ordinating window treatment and beautiful decor.

The first thing to be considered for any room be it master bedroom, kids bedroom or living room is color.  Colors decide the type of lighting, window treatments or furniture to be used in your master bedroom.  Color selection is a personal choice depending upon the mood you wish to create for your master bedroom but still to know the best suitable combinations and the color choice of your master bedroom decor you can take guidance from interior designers.  Neutral colors such as cream, beige or blue tones have a calming effect and are suitable for bedrooms.

Along with colors the lighting should be wisely selected to give your master bedroom a relaxed atmosphere.  Various types of lighting fixtures can be used for your master bedroom depending on the activities that takes place in the bedroom.  Table lamps or desk lamps along with a central lighting system can be adopted.  Window treatments should complement the color choice and turn your master bedroom into a private abode when you wish.

Your bedding is the one of the most important aspect of your bedroom.  Choose the right bedding that would be comfortable and chic.  If your walls are of neutral color then you can try contrast color bedding to add drama to your bedroom.  You can even try to play with multiple colors by accentuating with different color cushions, area rugs and bed covers   Accessorize your master bedroom with your favorite photos, wall art, mirror or other decor but see to it that they complement the decor of the bedroom. Even wall papers or stencils can be used to add a new and trendy look to your master bedroom.  Decorative plants add freshness and make your bedroom look cool.  The interior design of your master bedroom should boast of a space that is relaxing and rejuvenating with the most attractive, serene and simplistic decor.

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