Are you among those who are not sure which color to choose for your rooms? Which furniture goes where? Which lighting should be used? Which art matches your decor? What fire codes and safety measures you need for your home? How to handle all this within the budget? If you have all this and many more questions unanswered then you sure need a professional interior designer to help you solve all your problems within the estimated budget and present you a home of your dreams.

According to designer Karen Hartley, "the main job of an interior designer is to understand what you need, and for that s/he may ask you several questions like personal interests in color, furniture, fabric, and art." Your budget will be discussed in detail to provide you the best within the budget.  Your interior designer should be friendly, creative and artistic with good listening skills, sound judgment and talented enough to meet your needs, while providing you the satisfaction of owning a beautiful home.

Your interior designer should examine the space that requires interior design or decoration, see if the building permit is required, prepare that proper safety measures are taken up.   Joanne Jakab suggests that after ensuring all of this your interior designer will start creating interior designs that suits you and your family.  Your designer has to look into many aspects including the right colors for the room, choosing the style that reflects your personality, taking great care of exact lighting fixtures, matching furniture for the room, floor, artwork, window coverings, outdoor décor and others.

Designer Susan Miniman suggests that you should discuss your and your family members taste, likes and dislikes with your interior designer and plan accordingly.  The designer fees should also be discussed before your interior work starts.  Your interior designer should be capable of guiding you not only in interior design matters, but also should be able to look into building permits, fire codes, advice on building structure, roof restoration, and so on.

Once the designer understands your need and budget, a timeline should be set and the designer should start working according to the project.  And see to it that the work is completed on time and up to your satisfaction.  Your job is to ensure that you select a qualified professional interior designer who lives up to your expectation and fulfils your dream home project.

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